Session 3 - The Iron Mines
The One to Stay

After finding out more of the Dwarven forge the heroes left off in, they discovered they may need a hammer called The Hammer of Doss to create or destroy the seemingly cursed armor and weapon of Kluuth Boyd. On the hunt for the Hammer of Doss, they decide to stop by the Iron Mines to investigate the previous rumors of something causing the mines to be abandoned. Inside the mine they encounter rust monster, who have stripped the visible iron from the walls of the mine. They also get tangled up with some ropers and some gas spores they believe to be beholders. Continuing after the rust monsters and ropers are done, they bump into a Galeb Duhr who tells them “Help… Ogres…” and rolls away. Later to discover a couple of plate-armor-wielding zombie ogres were picking away at a tomb that was buried inside the mountain along a fresh path. After crossing the puzzle floor of Dwarven symbols that spelled out “LeChance”, One ogre manages to pull the cover off a casket as the heroes just finish them off, revealing a pile of gold and gems that pour out of it. Upon scanning the pile for magic, a discovery of something evil lurking just below the surface of the gold pile was made. It’s magical symbol resembled that of a Death Knight named Marick LeChance.

Session 2 - The Brothers of Cold Iron
The One to Fall

The heroes, now in possession of the Shield Guardian Movo, decide to proceed back to the City of Utter to give Narder Ginte the amulet he was looking for. Upon hitting the road, the heroes were intercepted by a figure with a hidden face posing as an archmage named Greydon Clash. Greydon Clash stops time and tells the heroes to take the Fork of Kluuth to a temple in the Iron Mountains so it may be destroyed. The heroes did not trust this supposed ‘archmage’, but they proceeded to the tower to see what was up. Upon arriving at the tower, they see a large room filled with armors and a large golem blocking the door. To get to the door the heroes fought their way through the animated armors and stone golem, only to see the person posing as Greydon Clash finishing up an incantation in the next room. The incantation seemed to turn him in to Kluuth Boyd, one of The Brothers of Cold Iron, and the heroes were tricked in to bringing his weapon, along with the blood he needed to finish his incantation. After an epic battle with Kluuth Boyd, the heroes found themselves in an old Dwarven forge room.

Session 1 - The Crypt of Ithrel
The Better Half

The Heroes made it the the entrance of the crypt. A set of ruins that lead down to the crypt are all that remain. After defeating some Shadows guarding the entrance, they proceed down to intercept a series of ghouls, ghasts, and ghosts. Finally they get to Ithrel, the dreaded banshee. Little did the heroes know the banshee was wearing an amulet that was magically bound to a Shield Guardian named Movo. After an epic battle, the large sums of gold and magic items found in the crypt, one item stood out amongst the others. A fork found near the entrance of the crypt named the Fork of Kluuth.

Session 0 - Character Creation
The Journey

The Heroes began their journey in the port city if Utter, a city ruled by a council of 7 rich nobles known as The Iron Senate. One of the Iron Senate members named Narder Ginte approached them in a tavern named The Blue Mug and proceeded to tell them about his cursed wife,Ithrel, who had become a banshee. He seemed less interested in bringing her soul to peace and more interested in retrieving an amulet he spoke of. The heroes saw on his face a look of confidence in the heroes death and demise. The heroes set out to find Ithrel and retrieve the amulet anyway.


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