The land of Flori, watched over by Avandra. Land of Lithe, watched over by Bahamut. Land of the Voiceless, watched over by Gruumsh. Land of Elvena, watched over by Erathis. Land of Withering, watched over by The Raven Queen. The land of Drinn, watched over by Garyx.

Nearly a century ago, a war broke out over the six lands of Plight. Torog, the slaver of the Underdark, reached his smoldering hand up from his realm in an attempt to smother the armies of Avandra; which rested on the land of Flori. Torogs armies quickly turned Flori in to a place some would call an extension of the Underdark. A collaboration of the remaining lands was set forth in an effort to contain Torog from reaching them. Ibarus Call, a powerful sorcerer and emperor of the land of the Voiceless, created armies of constructs, knights, wizards, and barbarians. The armies of Ibarus Call, named The Army of Two Visage, continue to hold Torogs minions at bay.

With Torogs forces held, he looked for ways to sneak followers to positions of power in other lands, looking for weak spots and expanding his reach. Necromancer followers of Torog brought themselves to power by means of war in the land of Withering, another land where no man or beast dare venture. The remaining lands look for adventurers skilled enough to smother Torog once and for all. But all those who are sent or volunteered, have not returned…

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