Session 2 - The Brothers of Cold Iron

The One to Fall

The heroes, now in possession of the Shield Guardian Movo, decide to proceed back to the City of Utter to give Narder Ginte the amulet he was looking for. Upon hitting the road, the heroes were intercepted by a figure with a hidden face posing as an archmage named Greydon Clash. Greydon Clash stops time and tells the heroes to take the Fork of Kluuth to a temple in the Iron Mountains so it may be destroyed. The heroes did not trust this supposed ‘archmage’, but they proceeded to the tower to see what was up. Upon arriving at the tower, they see a large room filled with armors and a large golem blocking the door. To get to the door the heroes fought their way through the animated armors and stone golem, only to see the person posing as Greydon Clash finishing up an incantation in the next room. The incantation seemed to turn him in to Kluuth Boyd, one of The Brothers of Cold Iron, and the heroes were tricked in to bringing his weapon, along with the blood he needed to finish his incantation. After an epic battle with Kluuth Boyd, the heroes found themselves in an old Dwarven forge room.


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